Meeting Queen Alice

Cheshire Cat: We are almost to the thrown room

Anders: What is Queen Alice like anyway?

Cheshire Cat: She is strong willed, and a very good leader

Anders: Oh, this should be interesting

Cheshire Cat: Ahh, here we are *looks at Anders* After you

Anders: *looks at the Cheshire Cat, then proceeds into the room* Queen Alice

Alice: Hello Anders, I hope your journey here was safe

Anders: Yes it was your highness

*Cheshire Cat interrupts* 

Cheshire Cat: Alice, Chesh was the one who found Anders while she was taking her morning stroll

Alice: *looks at Cheshire Cat* Thank you Cheshire, I will make sure to thank her, next I see her

*Cheshire Cat nods his head and walks out *

Alice: So Chesh told you why you were here?

Anders: Yes your highness, she said you summoned me to assist you with this Puppet Master

Alice: Yes the Puppet Masters return has everyone in Wonderland shakin, *smiles at Anders* except for Chesh’s

Anders: Chesh?

Alice: Yes, she is a lot like her mother fears nothing, so I have a question fro you Anders

Anders: What is it your majesty?

Alice: Will you help us defeat the Puppet Master?

Anders: Yes, your majesty I will

*Alice smiles*

Alice: Very well the Cheshire Cat will show you to your room

Anders: *bows to Alice, and leaves with the Cheshire Cat*

Anders in Wonderland 2

Cheshire Cat: You have just met Anders a human mage sent for by Queen Alice, and you have also met my daughter Chesh Cheshire, my pride and joy, but unlike me she does not speak in riddles, they are on their way to the castle, let’s see how they are shall we?

*Now it is mid evening and Anders and Chesh are still walking*

Anders: Chesh how much longer til’ we get to the castle?

Chesh: It depends on if we run into any of the Puppet Masters minions, why?

Anders: It’s not that I’m complaining, I’m used to walking for so many miles, just curious, these minions your talking about what are they?

Chesh: Well, It depends on how you look at them really, but in my father’s and my opinion they are disgusting and ugly, I never said you were complaining Anders *looks back and smiles*

Anders: *smiles back* I know you weren’t, your father? who’s your father, if I may ask?

Chesh: *stops, and turns to Anders* I told you my father is the Cheshire Cat

Anders: Wait your father is an actual cat?!?

Chesh: Yes, and my mother was a human, she died right after she gave birth to me *begins to tear up*

Anders: *looks in awe, knowing this information, then goes to Chesh* Chesh I’m sorry I shouldn’t of brought it up

Chesh: *looks up at Anders, face stained with tears* It’s fine, I’ve never told anyone but now that I have I feel better

Anders: Well that’s what good listeners are for *laughs*

Chesh: Yes I suppose so *smiles*

*they begin to walk again*

Anders: So you were raised by your father

Chesh: Yes, he taught me everything I know, I can also turn into a cat even a domesticated cat

Anders: Really?

Chesh: Yes, but I will have to show you some other time

Anders: *smirks* Yes you will

*They manage to get to the castle gardens, and they here a voice, then the Cheshire Cat comes out of no where*

Cheshire Cat: Welcome home daughter, and welcome to you as well Anders, Queen Alice is expecting you, *looks at Chesh* just as Cassandra is waiting for you my dear.

Chesh: I know father *bends down and gives her father a kiss on his cheek* Goodbye Anders *smiles at Anders and then disappears*

Cheshire Cat: Don’t worry Anders you will see my daughter around the castle

Anders: I know, but i’m not sure I can wait that long

Cheshire Cat: You will, now come I will take you the rest of the way to Queen Alice.

*Anders walks with the Cheshire Cat all the rest of the way to see Queen Alice, all the while thinking about Chesh      

Anders comes to Wonderland

Cheshire Cat: It is a nice sunny day in Wonderland, the birds are singing and there is not a cloud in the sky, a mage enters Wonderland not knowing where he is. And there is someone watching him, and he has no clue, by the end of this tale you will know whom this person is.

Anders: Ow, *gets up and brushes himself off, then looks up in awe* Wait where am I?

Female voice: You are in Wonderland, who and what are you?

Anders: Wait what? where are you? *pulls out his staff, to defend himself*

Female Voice: Oh so you are a mage, put that toy away, I’m not here to hurt you.

Anders: *puts his staff away* It’s a staff not a toy, as for your questions. My name is Anders and yes I’m a mage and a human

Female Voice: I know you are human, I am not blind, do you know why you are here Anders?

Anders: No I don’t, and where are you? who are you?

*a female figure appears out of no where, she is blue, has cat ears and a tail and is dressed like a native American*

Chesh: I am Chesh Cheshire daughter of the Cheshire Cat, you are summoned here by Queen Alice she needs your aid to help defeat the Puppet Master.

Anders: *looks at Chesh in awe* Your beautiful

Chesh: *blushes* Thank you, but now that your here I need to take you to Queen Alice

Anders: Why such a hurry?

Chesh: I need to get back to Princess Cassandra, I am her guardian, and Queen Alice will need to speak to you

Anders: Oh, very well lead the way Miss Chesh

Chesh: Follow me if you please, and please just call me Chesh

Anders: Alright, Chesh

*Anders follows Chesh, as they start to head to the castle*


Walks around, just looking around Wonderland

Cheshire Cat: Hello daughter, what are you doing?

Chesh: Just looking around father

Cheshire Cat: Shouldn’t you be watching Cassandra?

Chesh: She is with me father

Cassandra Liddel: Hello Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat: Hello princess Cassandra

Chesh: *smiles at her father* I told you father

Cheshire Cat: That you did